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In this Orwellian Science fiction thriller, a husband and wife must choose between giving up their fundamental human rights or standing against the forces of the new American order.


It’s 2070, and America has changed. The majority of the nation, fractured in the aftermath of a violent political conflict, has settled into a nationalist dystopia. To “keep the public peace,” the nation’s ethnic populations are monitored and regulated by “the bureau.”


Yesu, a veteran of “the americas wars” and now a factory worker in the last human factory, wants nothing more than to live a peaceful, humble life with his wife, Avaline. They work hard and follow the rules until, one day, the rules change. Now Yesu and Avaline find themself at odds with the forces of the new American order. Their conflict begins with “Attrition.” 


dreamdoor films.

Dreamdoor Films, founded by writer, director, and DP, Silas Tibbs, is working to increase the visibility of black filmmakers and content creators in the world. This production company is making valiant efforts to bring the power and creativity of black and brown minds into genres and spheres that often lack diversity.



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